First of all, Thank you for your interest in my game and welcome. 

My name is Byron Gryder, and I've been developing games independently for a couple years now. This is one of the first projects I've been working on where I actually have a clear vision of what I want this game to eventually become. I made a prototype in just a day after being pitched the concept by a friend, eventually it turned into what you see here today, Oorbit and hopefully will be so much more! I will continually be updating  Oorbit,  and sharing its progress with you all. Feedback is greatly appriciated, I love hearing what ya'll have to say.  Thanks again. Hope you enjoy!


Oorbit is a Minimalist Pong-like,  strategy game with gravitational physics, themed as Comets orbiting a Blackhole.


  •  Deflect Comets from falling into the Blackhole
  • Bounds increase every 10th Hit
  • Bounds decreases every Comet fallen into Blackhole
  • Gravity increases every 5th Hit
  • Get as much Hit points as possible
Paddle Movement

Rotate Paddle 90° / -90°



 Right-Click Down / Right-Click Up

P or Pause Button


Planned Development

Of course I will be always polishing things up a bit as I go along, but I do have many planned development ideas that I will simultaneously be trying to implement.  I want this game to have its full potential for all you great people. 

Here are a few Planned Development Ideas:
  •  Comets with more Functions - I want to eventually add more variety of Comets that will add some more mechanics to the game.
  • Different Game Modes I really love the idea of different Game Modes. Things like Puzzle Mode, or have a Stage Mode where every stage gets progressively harder.
  • More Originally Produced Music and Sounds - I love Producing my own Audio for my games, so I definitely want to add some more to this project.
  • Online Multiplayer - This is a big one, at least to me. This was one of my first visions of the game when the idea first was pitched to me. I envision being able to play with others, battling using gravity as an advantage or disadvantage, hitting Comets back and forth at each other. Maybe even take things further and implement some Collaboration on Stage Mode or Puzzle Mode.
  • Mobile Version - There will eventually be a mobile version

I will be  be coming up with new concepts and ideas all the time, so some of this is subject to change.

Thanks For Playing!

If you played my game, feel free to tell me what you loved or hated about it. Feedback is key to making this game a great one. If you happen to really enjoyed my game  and would like to see it become much much more, feel free to Donate and/or Follow Me on  Social Media.  Donations will go straight into this games funds, so if you Donate you are directly giving to the game for it to become something wonderful. There's nothing more motivating then hearing feed back from you guys. Thank you so much.


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